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September 25 - 26, 2010
The Ride for the Cure has been POSTPONED till September 25 due to nasty weather and a sore knee.

Welcome to the Ride for the Cure for My Brother's Butt! On September 25, I am going to ride my bike from my house, across the mountains, and to the Oregon Coast, and I will make the whole trip wearing a large pair of stuffed underwear outside my pants. I'm doing it all in an attempt to raise funds for my brother's expensive butt surgery, so I am looking for people to help contribute for every mile!

The trip is planned for (no joke) 66.6 miles there and 66.6 miles back. Crazy? Yes! But if you haven't figured it out, I'm willing to go to vast lengths to fix my brother's butt. My brother can't bike right now because of his injury, so I am biking now so that my brother can later! While I am not necessarily looking for others to go on the trip with me, my friend Nick has already generously said he will.

We are looking for generous folk willing to pledge for every mile we travel, but we will also accept straight-up donations. Also, be aware that if you pledge money, you get all the regular FixMyBrothersButt prizes that you would get for donating the same amount as your final total! And everything given for these pledges will go directly into the butt fund.

I will be providing Twitter updates throughout my entire ride (except for the couple dozen miles where we expect cell signal to go away), so even if you can't sponsor any miles, you can still join the fun.

The Ride is now complete and it was a success! Thank you to everyone who sent in pledges. With your help, we raised $1.64 per mile. The total mileage was 125.6, so the total comes to $205.98, more than doubling the Butt Fund!

Play this video to see clips from the trial run of my stuffed underwear experiment:

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